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Experience Map

The map below displays the locations of each of our customers, whose projects range from mass marine drone assembly to private plane builds. Select “Map” or “Satellite” in the top left corner of the map to switch between road map and real-life views. You can zoom in or out using the plus and minus icons at the bottom right of the map. Plane icons indicate individual plane build customers and pushpins indicate partnering companies. Click on a plane icon to view the name of a plane build project and its location. Click on a pushpin icon to view the company name, location, and a link to the company website. Below the map is a complete list of our clients, organized by city name. Click the name of a company or project to view a close-up of the company or project on the map. Click the “Reload Map” icon to return to the original map view.


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Lancair Evolution Albany, NY, United States Albany, New York, USA
Lancair Evolution Alexandria, LA, United States Alexandria, Louisiana, USA
Lancair Evolution Austin, TX, United States Austin, Texas, USA
Lancair Evolution Bonita Springs, FL, United States Bonita Springs, Florida, USA
Lancair Evolution Cincinnati, OH, United States Cincinnati, Ohio, USA
Lancair ES-P Crescent City, CA, United States Crescent City, California, USA
Lancair Evolution Denver, CO, United States Denver, Colorado, USA
Lancair Evolution Huixquilucan, Estado de Mexico, Naucalpan, Mexico Huixquilucan, Estado de Mexico, Naucalpan, Mexico
Lancair Evolution Mcalester, OK, United States

Mcalester, Oklahoma, USA

Lancair Evolution Milwaukee, WI, United States Milwaukee, Wisconsin, USA
Lancair ES Minneapolis, MN, United States Minneapolis, Minnesota, USA
Lancair Evolution Montreal, QC, Canada Montreal, Québec, Canada
Lancair Evolution Portland, OR, United States Portland, Oregon, USA
Lancair Evolution Pretoria, Gauteng, South Africa Pretoria, Gauteng, South Africa
Lancair Evolution Rapid City, SD, United States Rapid City, South Dakota, USA
Stratos Aircraft Redmond, OR, United States Redmond, Oregon, USA
Lancair Evolution Riga, Latvia Riga, Latvia
Lancair Evolution Salem, OH, United States Salem, Ohio, USA
Lancair Evolution San Diego, CA, United States San Diego, California, USA
Lancair ES San Jose, CA, United States San Jose, California, USA
Lancair Evolution St. Louis, MO, United States St. Louis, Missouri, USA
Lancair Evolution Tri-Cities, WA, United States Tri-Cities, Washington, USA
Lancair Evolution Tucson, AZ, United States Tucson, Arizona, USA
Lancair IV-PT Vail, CO, United States Vail, Colorado, USA
Lancair Evolution Vail, CO, United States Vail, Colorado, USA
Lancair Evolution Venezuela



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