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Flight Metrics Team

Matt Brannon

A&P Mechanic / Hangar Manager

There’s no way Matt could have known that his decision to take one free flying lesson offered through his high school would turn into endless hours of cutting grass to support his newfound hobby. Growing up in Sebring, Florida with a dad who had always wanted to fly, Matt regularly attended the annual SUN ‘n FUN International Fly-In & Expo in Lakeland, FL and had a growing interest in aircraft. After that first flying lesson at age 14, Matt was hooked. He worked odd jobs at the Sebring Municipal Airport in exchange for time flying planes. He eventually was able to purchase his own airplane and teach his dad how to fly.

After high school, Matt entered into the army and was stationed in Kansas. He later returned to Florida to study first psychology, then engineering, and finally earned his degree in Aviation Technology and Maintenance from the National Aviation Academy. He then launched into a long period of working for a variety of aeronautical organizations including: Sunshine Aviation, Paris Air, Piper, the Service Center at OKC, Vera Beach Avionics, Lancair, and Cascade Aircraft Management. At one point he returned to Kansas to tow gliders for Air Plains, in Wellington.

His love for aviation also led him to another love. While at Cascade Aircraft Management, he met Kaisha, his parts person—who later became his wife. In their free time, Matt and Kaisha like to take their son, Jett, and their dog, Charlie, for outdoor adventures, hiking and backpacking. Matt also enjoys hunting, fishing, and shooting.


Lead Technician

Thomas’ life-long interest in aviation was sparked at a young age watching DC-7 tankers pass low over his house. In high school he learned to fly and continued flying through college including taking summers to tow banners over the east coast. After earning a B.S. in Physics, he worked in semiconductor manufacturing and ion optics before coming back to aviation. He is currently working toward A&P certification. Flight Metrics is happy to have his off-the-charts IQ, love of aviation, and his team-player attitude.


Avionics Technician

Manuel moved to Central Oregon as a young man. He earned his degree in Electronics Technology with various certifications, including avionics and marine electronics. Manuel has been working exclusively as an Avionics Technician since 2007. Flight Metrics is happy to have his attention to detail, commitment to quality, and his easy going disposition.


Aircraft Technician

James has been getting his hands greasy ever since he found out he had the mechanical ability at a young age. His aviation career however, was spurred on by his 6 years of service in the United States Air Force where he worked as a Crew Chief on F-16s.

James has traveled to many different countries but considers Central Oregon to be his main stomping ground. Flight Metrics is happy to have James’ experience, excitement to never stop learning, and his wry humor.


Aircraft Technician

Austin‘s path in manufacturing and mechanics started by looking up to the hands-on work of his father and grandfather. His own work on aircraft began on a local company’s experimental concept aircraft. From here, he grew his experience working with LX7s, LTs, the 716, Evolutions, and IV/Ps. Flight Metrics is happy to have Austin’s experience, his can-do attitude, and his playful energy.



Kelley has always loved airplanes. Not (yet?) in the pilot seat, she takes care of all behind-the-scenes support; from ordering and distributing parts, to running payroll. She has a long history supporting aircrew from her days as a support officer in the Air Force. Flight Metrics is glad to have her office talents and organization, as well as her witty humor.